Our Framework for machine simulation with TwinCAT and Unity3D

You as a machine and plant manufacturer know the costs of commissioning, issue analysis and bugfixing at your customer's site or on your shopfloor. A huge part of these costs can be saved when commissioning takes place in your office using a simulated machine that behaves like the real one.

Our solution smartSimulation links Beckhoff TwinCat 3 and Unity3D and also provides working components that allow you to focus on what is important to you: Your machines' behavior.

TwinCat is used as a powerful runtime for the real-time simulation of relevant components (like servo contollers or fast measurement Equipment). Unity3D is used as an easy to use and Feature-rich 3D-Engine for the visualization of your machine using your already existing 3D-CAD data.

Your benefit: your engineers and technicians can utilize their existing programming skills in the IEC 61131-3 languages, C++ or Matlab for programming. Your Designers can reuse their 3D-Models. You save time and Money. No one has to learn a new language in order to use smartSimulation.

smartSimulation serves as a connection between those two worlds, allowing you to join an arbitrarily complex, deterministic simulation of tool components with a physics-based simulation of material flow, collision and sensors. In this way, engineering your simulation becomes efficient, modular and scalable.

This simulation is connected to your machines' control system using the original fieldbus Interface. Data exchange therefore happens on the fieldbus level, requiring no changes in the machine Software. This ensures that the control software tested is exactly the same that runs the real machine.


Of cource, smartSimulation can not only be used for virtual commissioning. Further fields of application are:
- Operator training
- Issue analysis
- Product presentation

We will be happy to provide Consulting to achieve your targets. Please do not hesitate to contact us.